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Armando M. Arias del Cid was born and raised in the middle of a primary rainforest in Costa Rica, Central America, a country known for its commitment to the preservation of natural resources and the beauty of its geography. Growing up in a small village on the high planes of the Coto Brus Valley, where some of the best coffee beans in the world are harvested, early on Armando developed a vision of buildings that are responsive to the context, and work well with the environment. The area where he was born is home to the La Amistad International Park,World Heritage Site, and the Wilson Botanical Gardens.

Having discovered the discourses of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Khan and Paolo Soleri, that were life-transforming, Armando began his architectural education in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose in 1979. He graduated from The Architecture School of the University of Costa Rica in 1986, and became a member of the CFIA (Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos). He is currently licensed to practice architecture in Costa Rica and maintains a Design Office in Santa Barbara, California. He is an International Member and sits on the Board of the America Institute of Architects, Santa Barbara.

His work experience in Costa Rica included: Bertheau Arquitecto, Rolf Ruge's Arquitectura Contemporanea and
Jorge Castro Arias Sistemas de Desarrollo. His own firm Arias del Cid Arquitectos, was founded in 1987.

Since moving to Santa Barbara, California in 1993, Armando has worked for several firms, including :
Barry Berkus Design Studio and Henry Lenny, Architect.


In 2003, he opened Arias del Cid Design Studio, his own firm specializing in Environmentally Applied Design, cutting edge Home Design using the most sophisticated B.I.M tools and Full Services of Computer Generated Construction Documents.

An instructor at Santa Barbara City College since 1997, he is also currently the Department Chair of the Drafting-CAD and Interior Design Department.

In addition to his architectural pursuits, Armando’s interest in the arts led him to compose 84 Gris, a collection of poetry that was awarded Costa Rica’s prestigious “Joven Creacion” award for previously unpublished poets.

He has written various other unpublished short stories and poetry books, as well as an extended essay on the approach to the concept in Architectural Design. He is currently creating paintings using multiple and mixed media and also experimenting with photography and film. Armando was also the co-inventor of a revolutionary machine tool that was awarded a US Patent recently and continues to work on the invention and development of environmentally focused projects dealing with energy and food systems.

Armando’s commitment to architecture, the environment, the arts and sciences, offers his clients a rich background of creativity, technical expertise, and integrity.

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